Growing Stronger: Leading out of a Crisis

Your business has survived the crisis that has caused havoc across the world. Lockdown conditions are beginning to ease. 

But, the next challenge is before us all 

Now it’s time for leaders and theisenior management teams to lead their companies out of the crisis, to grow stronger and become an even better business than the one that went into the crisis.  

Leading out of a crisis is one of the most important tasks for leaders and managers and their management teams.  

To help leadership teamsQuoLux™ has worked with some of the world’s foremost specialists in business transformation, purpose- led leadership and workplace health & well-being to create a NEW course that will transform the performance of leaderstheir people and their businesses by focusing on 7 areas. 

The Growing Stronger: Leading out of a Crisis  course is available on the QuoLux™ Online Leadership & Management Centre providing leadership teams with the flexibility of 24/7 access when they want it, wherever they are. 


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This short course, with its 7 modules, draws on over a hundred years experience of leaders involved in successful business transformation. It has been designed for leaders and managers running businesses with 5 to 1000 staffWhile it is a self-directed course, we encourage business leaders to work with theimanagement team to go through the modules together. Mentoring support is available from QuoLux™ to further embed learning. 

Start with a radical review  

We all have an opportunity to “Build Back Better”. But what does that mean? The phrase implies growth and improvement which means change. We know from previous blogs that most humans don’t like change, so leaders need to lead the change. 

To make the most of the opportunities that lie before you (and therefore the change that improvements will bring) we, somewhat controversially, suggest starting with a radical review of your business of what you want to improve and do more of! This takes guts as it demands leadership, with leaders taking a thorough X-ray of the business – a spring clean. 

The radical review will make leaders consider where the company makes money and encourages them to think deeply about where to compete.  

People, Planet, Purpose and Profit 

Once leaders know where the profitable areas are then Module 2 focuses on stripping out unnecessary costs to supercharge profits. Module 3 explores the often-controversial subject of reward and remuneration, before Module 4 shines a light on recognition and the power of ‘Thank You’. The issue of ‘Shadow of Influence is discussed in Module 5 ahead of considering what it takes to be a ‘Healthy Leader’ and what mental well-being and resilience means in businessFinally, we conclude on a subject with ever increasing importance – purpose – and how it enhances people, the planet and profit. 

The approach outlined in this course made huge differences in organisations that I have run. It took guts for my management teams to do this in the past.  

With your leadership, I am optimistic that your teams will follow your lead and gain much from the course. 

A path to Growing Stronger lies before you. All that remains is for you to click here and explore the 7 areas with your management team, designed to help you #BuildBackBetter and to #SeizeTheMoment. 

Best wishes on your journey towards high performance. 

Dr Stewart Barnes 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 



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