Blog: Leading with Insight

Leading Change: The Story of Transformational Change in a Family Business

Multi-award winning Cotteswold Dairy is one of the most widely known and recognised family businesses in Gloucestershire. 

With its distinctive blue and...

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How can business be a force for good in the world?  

Every business can press the re-set button. 

Voices around the world, young and old, are declaring a...

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Leadership Shadow

In last week’s blog we looked at the importance of self-awareness in leadership and shared steps that can be taken to develop and increase your own...

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Living the Values

We recently hosted a Leaders’ Breakfast where two SME owner-managers described how they had worked with their teams to create a shared set of core values....

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Avoiding the Enemy Within

Identifying “silo” mentalities 

An organisation could be viewed as a finely tuned engine. A series of separate moving parts and sub-assemblies all moving...

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Learning to LEAD Workplace Culture

There are three basic truths about the world of work:

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How to Build an Effective Team

In a blog last month, as businesses continue to face considerable issues in attracting, recruiting and retaining staff we looked at how to get the best...

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Creating and Living the Values

QuoLux™ is a family business with a twist as it is mostly non-family blood pumping through the company’s veins as mainly it is the in-laws that work in...

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How to Get the Best from your Team

Businesses are still facing considerable issues attracting, recruiting and retaining staff and whilst anecdotally there is much talk about pay being a...

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Has the Debate on Culture Gone Woke?

The whole subject of work - life balance has quite rightly and understandably been raised to a much higher level in the face of the pandemic. However, one...

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