Blog: Leading with Insight

Strategies to Improve your Leadership

Self-awareness is often described as the single most important quality for effective leadership. Daniel Goleman, who popularised the concept of...

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Cost Reduction Practices Most Leaders Miss

The very first module on QuoLux’s new online course, Growing Stronger: Leading out of a Crisis encourages leaders and managers to take a ‘radical...

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Leading Out of a Crisis

Leading out of a crisis

Engaging teams as we come out of lockdown: Leadership Style

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10 Tips for Next Generation Leaders

Strong, visionary, effective leaders at the helm perform a critical role in the success of any business. But that’s only part of the story; good...

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Growing Stronger: Leading out of a Crisis

Your business has survived the crisis that has caused havoc across the world. Lockdown conditions are beginning to ease. 

But, the next challenge is...

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Leadership Role & Responsibilities

Where should leaders and managers spend their time?

Where leaders and managers should spend their time and focus their attention is a question that is...

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Leadership for Fast-Growth Businesses

Every business faces its own leadership challenges. But for growing SMEs these can feel particularly acute. Intense periods of change can leave...

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How developing your emotional intelligence can make feedback more effective

Have you ever delivered feedback to someone only to have them become defensive and refuse to accept what you are saying or even get angry and storm out...

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Embracing and Embedding Change

“People do not like change”.  

It is said so often it has almost became a truism. Well, we don’t accept that and as business leaders we should not ...

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Ten steps for giving effective constructive feedback

Whilst employees generally want to receive constructive feedback and recognise the benefits that it can bring, leaders and managers often don’t feel...

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