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Leading Change: The Story of Transformational Change in a Family Business

Multi-award winning Cotteswold Dairy is one of the most widely known and recognised family businesses in Gloucestershire. 

With its distinctive blue and...

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Planning for Change

Our CEO, Dr Stewart Barnes, begins his Leading Change Masterclass with the quote

“Change throws up the need for leaders. Leaders create change.” 


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Transformation (Step 5): Create a Sense of Urgency

So far we have discussed four of the five critical steps in transforming you and your business on the journey to world-class / high performance /...

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Ten Steps for Successfully Implementing Change

Research shows that as many as 75% of change programs fail to achieve their goals, which means that by learning to effectively lead change, you can gain a...

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Leading Out of a Crisis

Life will go on after this crisis for the vast majority of companies, but it won’t be the same and it won’t be smooth. Most of the underlying factors...

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Embracing and Embedding Change

“People do not like change”.  

It is said so often it has almost became a truism. Well, we don’t accept that and as business leaders we should not accept...

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Leading through Change

It’s now been a year since the first lockdown was announced in the UK and as a result of the pandemic, change has been rippling through our political...

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Leading Change, Part 4

Employee Engagement

Here we share the final part in our leading change series, and that is the imperative for creating employee engagement. 

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Leading Change, Part 3

The Importance of Changing your Leadership Style


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Leading Change, Part 2

This month we are considering four guiding principles for leading change and this week we’re discussing the second principle; supporting people through...

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Leading Change, Part 1

The 20/60/20 Rule

Over the last year, organisations have faced enormous challenges, and the UK is now on course for a double-dip recession for the first...

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