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Transformation (Step 4): Implementing Employee Engagement principles

So far we have discussed three of the five critical steps in transforming you and your business on the journey to world-class / high performance /...

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Six Ways to Boost Employment and Productivity

Treat your staff as well as you treat your customers 

Companies offer lucrative pay packets, exciting projects and flexible working practices to attract...

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Avoiding the Enemy Within

Identifying “silo” mentalities 

An organisation could be viewed as a finely tuned engine. A series of separate moving parts and sub-assemblies all moving...

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Learning to LEAD Workplace Culture

There are three basic truths about the world of work:

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How to Get the Best from your Team

Businesses are still facing considerable issues attracting, recruiting and retaining staff and whilst anecdotally there is much talk about pay being a...

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How to Attract, Engage & Retain a Motivated Workforce

There has been much talk of ‘The Great Resignation’ with a recent report in the Guardian suggesting that almost a quarter of workers are actively planning...

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How Leaders Can Build a Motivated Team & Improve Performance

This week, John Oliver OBE has been speaking with our LEAD™ and GAIN™ delegates about motivation, employee engagement and continuous improvement. These...

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Supported Networks - The Key to Successful Engagement in SMEs?

Some time ago, I was presented with the ultimate hospital pass in being challenged to create one successful Business Link out of five failing ones in the...

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