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How to have an Effective One to One Meeting

As leaders we know that building trust in the workplace is essential for developing rapport, building relationships and improving teamwork and...

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Considerations for 2022

In your December board meetings, how many conversations began, "Let’s not change anything about our business next year, we’ll just hope for more of the...

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Sir Ernest Shackleton

A hundred years ago on the 5th January 1922, one of Britain’s greatest ever leaders sadly passed away. 

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How to use your Emotional Intelligence to Respond more Effectively in Difficult Conversations

Workplace conflict is estimated to cost the UK economy £28.5bn (Acas, 2021) with nearly half a million employees resigning each year as a result of...

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Mission statements: Leader’s perspective

In last week's blog we brought you Making a Statementby Professor Malcolm McDonald, talking about how getting the mission statement right can change...

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Making a Statement

Mission Statements by Professor Malcolm McDonald

Getting the mission statement right can change your business for the better, forever. 

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Good Dividends: purposefully changing the world of work – a Humanifesto 

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What is Leadership?

Leadership is a concept that means different things to different people, at different times, in different situations. With such a variety of meaning,...

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5 Tips to Improve Performance through Learning and Development

recent study by McKinsey has identified what it refers to as ‘The Great Attrition- a record number of employees looking to leave their jobs due to...

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Team Recognition: The Easy Way

A Motivational Leadership Style

One of the key constructs behind the QuoLux™ approach to high performance and competitiveness is creating a leadership...

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The Power of Recognition

Keep individual recognition simple

Talking to someone recently about keeping up morale and motivation in these disruptive post-Covid times, it struck...
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How do you Introduce New Staff to your Culture / Values / Behaviours?

We were delighted to welcome John Oliver OBE back to speak to our LEAD™ delegates last week about motivation, leadership and employee engagement, and...

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