What Is It For?

This is a question we posed to a number of local leaders recently ahead of a series of presentations as they each reviewed the impact of their leadership on their teams, their companies and the wider society. 

With war waging in Eastern Europe, businesses reconsidering their social responsibility and links with Russia, concerns regarding Partygate at the centre of UK political power through to the lack of succession at Manchester United (!), leadership, or lack of it, has never been so much in focus. 

But what is leadership for?

This is a potent question especially when considering so many leaders are making questionable decisions at a time that over $50 billion is spent on leadership training across the globe. 

Therefore, it was great to see that leadership at a local level is in rude health as graduates of our GAIN™ program expertly presented how leadership has positively impacted them, their people, their organisations and the local community. 

Making a positive difference 

Their leadership journeys, what they have learned and implemented have inspired them all to make a positive difference. They spoke about embracing a Good Dividends approach that integrated people, planet, productivity and profit as they demonstrated that their businesses were a force for good. New strategies have been developed linked to the United Nations Strategic Development Goals (SDGs) where the business leaders have considered what the SDGs can do to improve their companies, while doing good to the planet and their communities. 

Every journey begins with a first step and that first step is by enrolling on the LEAD™ program. During his final presentation, George Workman, Managing Director of Cotteswold Dairy stressed,  

“LEAD™ opened my mind up to new learning and leadership techniques which has been invaluable as I apply this through my business. I have found it extremely worthwhile and value for money – my only regret is not enrolling on the program when I had the opportunity several years earlier.” 

Please speak to us about taking the first step by getting in touch with Jo Draper or Stewart Barnes


Our next effective leadership and business strategy program for senior leaders (LEAD™) starts on 28th and 29th April. 


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